Surface Resistivity Meter

5,534.38 Per Pc

Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece onwards
Brand PB Statclean
Usage Industrial, Laboratory
Measurement Range 10^3 to 10^12 ohms
Calibration Recommended every 12 months
Traceability To National Standards
Warranty 12 months
Accessories included 1 m Grounding Cord and Carrying case
Measurement accuracy Half Decade
Resolution One decade
Excitation voltage 9 V
Indication Visual by LED
Test actuation Press to ON Switch
Power supply 9 V DC battery
Low battery Warning at 7.5 V
Dimensions in mm 125 x 75 x 29 mm
Weight 200 g


We are a leading manufacturer, supplier, and wholesaler of Surface Resistivity Meter.

Application & Features:
Surface Resistivity Meter is an ultra-wide-range, battery operated, and portable instrument for measuring Surface Resistivity of virtually any flat surface. In the circuit industry, products such as packaging materials, component storage bags and trays, workbench surfaces, table and floor mats, conveyor belts, etc., have resistance values which need to conform to stringent specifications. Moreover, these values are expected to fall within specified limits. The Surface Resistivity meter can play a vital role in monitoring and be checking the resistivity characteristic of the above items.

It also has the unique additional feature of surface-to-ground measurement capability wherein the resistivity differential between any surface and any chosen ground can be determined. The surface resistivity is conveniently indicated by a row of LEDs covering a total of 10 decades from 10^3 to 10^12 ohms/square.

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