Auditing of the complete ESD Control Program throughout your manufacturing process, including Receiving Inspection, Shipping, and Stockrooms. Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your ESD Control Program. Gap Analysis of current processes to compliance and certification. Verification of increased performance of the updated ESD Controls.


ESD Awareness and Control Training: An interesting hands on training course with plenty of demonstrations that provides the basics for ESD control in the workplace and is suitable for all employees. This course is customized to your facility and your control program. Controlling ESD by Design: A hands on course that provides basic design information to integrate ESD control into the finished designs.

Charge Measurements

Measurements of incoming and outgoing assemblies for analysis.Line Charge Analysis or LCA:Specific voltage measurements of assemblies prior to each handler in the process.Specific voltage measurements of assemblies through each handler in the process.The charged-device model (CDM) test is the most accurate component-level test as far as simulating real world events


Verification of manual and automated processes to determine if they meet the ever increasing requirements of Class 0 Classification. Measurements of materials in product paths, assemblies, and elements of the handler consisting of: Stationary and Dynamic Voltage measurements. Stationary and Dynamic Resistance measurements of material and material to ground.

Material Specification and Verification

Material Resistance: Surface Resistance, point to point resistance on the same side of material Volume Resistance, resistance through the material Charge decay Material Identification​

ESD Equipment Verification Course

Specific voltage measurements of assemblies after exiting each handler in the process. 33qData is plotted and analyzed to document current status and used to prioritize improvements if required.This course is suitable for Engineers, Designers, and personnel who specify processes.Provides hands on training of equipment and methods used to verify compliance of ESD Control equipment.

Cleanroom Validation