ESD Workstation - Best ESD Workstation Manufacturer in India

ESD Workstation – Best ESD Workstation Manufacturer in India

Product Details: ESD Workstations We are globally renowned manufacturer, wholesale supplier of a wide range of ESD Workstations. 

We are leading Supplier. Manufacture of ESD Workstations.

Pre-laminated Table- Top duly Post formed:

  • Thickness 18mm pre-laminated Board (With Cable Manager Hole)
  • Anti-Static Mat on the table top
  • Surface Resistivity of ESD mat: 10^8 to 10^9 Ohms
  • As per ESD Standard ANSI/ESD S 20.20.2014
  • Grounding cord with 1mega ohm resistance

Power Bar: Modular Switches & Sockets: ESD Workstation

  • 5x15Amp Socket = 4 No
  • 36W Tube light = 1no, fixed below the shelf

Fixed Instrument Shelf duly Post formed:

  • Size: 1200mmx 325mm

Static charges are developed in humans and other insulators by friction and should be dissipated properly before handling with ESD sensitive electronic circuits and components. Pbssvt ESD Workstations are Ergonomically designed to improve productivity and all its accessories are made of ESD safe materials and is grounded properly creating ESD safe work environment. Along with our line of ESD workstations we also supply ESD chairs, ESD Bins, ESD flooring, and many more ESD equipments providing complete ESD solutions to our customers.

ESD Workstation – Best ESD Workstation Manufacturer in India

Our product range includes a wide range of esd table, esd workstation, esd safe workstation, esd ms material workstation, esd workstation with aluminium profile and black anti-static stool.

Choose any of our ESD Workstations type below or call us send us enquiry to We are very much happy to assist you in selecting and customizing our widest range of ESD Workstation that best suits your needs and fits within your budget.

Pbssvt provides the best quality ESD Products. We provide the best possible solution for ESD Workstation and many more ESD Safe Products. Learn More About us 

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