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Anti-static Flooring

Anti-static flooring materials are formulated to provide insulated protection for workers. In work areas, unchecked static electricity can pass from personnel to equipment thereby creating potential damage to digital products and circuitry. ESD control flooring products absorb static electricity, thereby safeguarding equipment. All our static protection flooring materials are designed for use in diverse electronic facilities to static-free work zones. We supply antistatic bags, antistatic chair, antistatic table, antistatic bench, antistatic foam and all other antistatic workstation.

Antistatic flooring is used extensively in areas such as laboratories, commercial spaces, factories, banks, digital workplaces and allied places where there is close contact between personnel and computers as well as electronics gadgets. Areas where digital equipment is installed equipment meant for vital areas such as surgery, radiology as well as data processing etc. is positioned requires security against the negative effects of static electricity.