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Soldering Stations

SBK 936A is fully temperture adjustable from 200C-480 degree C at up to 60W power levels,enabling you to set temps low enough for shrinkwrap and hot enough for multi-layer circuit board soldering.Heating up in no time and holding heat well to the iron,an ideal tool for industrial purpose as well as for hobbyist’s kit building.


  • Heavy duty 60 watts of power,heats up quickly to selected temperature.
  • Transfer heat consistently,allow proper solder flow.
  • Light handle,comfortable grip, no fatigue felling after long use.
  • LED indicator flashes when heating,solid when at temp,power swich at the side.
  • Temperature regulated by a knob on the base.
ModelSBK 936A
Power consumption 60W
Temperature range200-480 Degree C
Iron handleSBK907A
Heating elementsAC24V 50W heating elements
Length of cord1.3 meter