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PE Sticky Rollers

All these sticky rollers, sticky floor rollers, are made with a glue-coated polythene. It is easy to replace these sticky rollers by finding the perforated edge and just tearing it off. These Clean room sticky rollers with strong dusting abilities are available with and without handle. These dusters are used to remove surface particles from work benches, carpets, furniture, clothes etc. These Cleanroom sticky rollers are ideal for both industrial and residential usage purpose.

Technical Data:

ItemSpec & DataRemark
Material0.05mm thick glue-coated polythene/
Specification 4"/6"/8"/10" Dia.: 38mm
Layer 120layers/Roll 20m/Roll
Color White/Blue/
180°Peel Resistance 500g/25mm (can be more or less)/
Inner Package PE film/
Outer Package Paper /
Qty/CTN 4"(144 Rolls);6"(96Rolls) 8"(72Rolls);10"(50Rolls)/
Appearance Not deformed, tear place even/

Sticky roller provides the best possible means of removing even the smallest particles of contamination from flat surfaces. It is used in garment industry, hospitality industry and many more.