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Sticky Mats

Our collection of cleanroom sticky mats and disposable door mats use the latest purifying concepts and techniques to develop these products. These room entrance adhesive door-mats are used to the entrances and buffer zones of clean rooms for purification and removal of dust. These cleanroon clothing effectively removes the dust from the shoe soles and wheels.

Technical Data:

Basic Material 0.05mm thick glue-coated polythene
Specifications18"x36" ; 24"x36" ; 26"x45" ; 31"x35"
Number of layers 30 layers/piece
Thickness1.6 mm/piece
Colour Blue/white/grey
180°maximum extension 300g/25mm
Package 8 piece/box; 10 piece/box
Appearance No air bubbles on the surface, Flexible without losing it's shape,
Anti-dust effect Efficiency is 99.9%

Our team is also capable of developing these products as per clients specific application.

These sticky mats are mainly used for removing dust from shoe soles to keep the surrounding clean. It is used in different industries like Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Healthcare, Food and Beverage, Semiconductor, Printed Circuits, Aerospace, Automotive, Industrial Manufacturing, Component Manufacturing and many more.