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Human Body Voltage Checker

Human body voltage checker is a new and unique visual method of detecting how much static charge a person is carrying. The unit can be wall mounted outside the ESD protected area to avoid charged persons unknowingly entering.

The meter must always be grounded to produce an accurate measurement. But more importantly to allow the operator to discharge to a safe handling limit. Touch the Touch to test, and watch the LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY indicated between 0 to 1999V of the static charge +/- Polarity.


Power Supply9V Battery
Accuracy +/- 10%
Resolution1 Volt
Low Battery IndicationBy LCD Display
Test ActuationTouch To Test
Dimensions135 x 70 x 25 mm
Weight150 Gms (with battery)
CalibrationRecommended every 12 months
Accessories1Meg Ohm Ground Cord, Instruction Board & Carry Case

1. Static checker can be used to detect how much static a person is carrying.

2. Will indicate if wrist straps and coil cords are functioning, ground leads, bounding plugs, heel straps, custom floors, Static Spray Coating, etc