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Zero Stat Gun

Zerostat is a new development of original piezo-electric pistol. It reduces static on insulating surfaces as records etc,

Zerostat produces negative and positive ions that couple with the positive and negative static charges on an objectís surface, effectively neutralizing them.

How to Use Zerostat:- Hold the Zerostat about 300mm(12 Inches) away from the object. Squeeze the trigger slowly; a powerful stream of positive ions projects over a spread of about 400mm (16 INCHES). Release it slowly, and negative ions are produced.

The Ion Indicator:- This test device has been included to indicate that there is a release of ions when the Zerostat is in use. Insert the ion-indicator in the nose of the Zerostat and then slowly squeeze and release the trigger. The neon tube gently glows. NB: This effect is improved if the foam covered end of the ion-indicator is held against a domestic water pipe, radiator, or any metal object connected to earth. The Ion-indicator should be removed when using Zerostat for normal operations.

Zerostat User Instructions:- It produces both positive ions, which act to neutralize static charges on an objectís surface.

Pull the trigger towards the handle to create positive charges and release the trigger to create negative charges.

Life expectancy 50,000 operations