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Static Alarm

The Static Alarm SA-01 is a portable, battery-operated instrument, incorporating the latest technology, to indicate the presence of approaching static electricity. It is designed to provide a quick and convenient method of locating static charges. It is primarily intended for use in static-safe handling areas, as an early warning system to alert the personnel nearby.

The hazard may be in the form of personnel who are generating static or personnel who may be holding a charged object without observing the standard safety procedures for handling static sensitive devices.

The instrument incorporates a unique selfresetting feature and therefore requires no manual adjustments or zeroing. It can be kept 'ON' for continuous monitoring of critical static-safe areas.

A static charge on any object produces an electric field whose strength is an inverse function of the distance from the charge. A given magnitude of charge always produces a given field strength at a given distance. The unique sensor of the instrument actually responds to this electric field. However, more specifically, it senses only changes in the electric field, so to detect a charge there should be relative motion between the instrument and the charged body.


Detection methodcharge coupling by field Interception
Detection sensitivity +/- >100V
Range selectionAuto ranging and auto resetting
IndicationLED visual Indication with Audible alarm
Power supply9V Battery
Dimensions135 x 70 x 25 mm
WeightApproximately 125G (with battery)