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Digital Static Meter

Reliable on-the-spot measurement of static charges has been easier than with the portable SCM-02. Hand-held, yet highly accurate and low drift, the SCM-02 answers three basic questions:

1) Is static present and on what Surfaces, Materials or people?
2) How much static?
3) What is the polarity of the Charge?

The instrument is ideal for use in such static sensitive environment as electronic component production and assembly areas, clean rooms, computer, medical and R&D Laboratories, surgical rooms, medical device manufacturer, printing press, packing and production lines, etc.

The unit gives direct readings of electrostatic potentials on any surface, when held at a distance of 1 Inch. However, virtually any electrostatic potential can be measured by proportionately increasing the distance from the meter to the charged object.


Measurement Range+/- 10kV @ 1 Inch (Accuracy: +/-10%)
+/- 20kV @ 2 Inch (Accuracy: +/-15%)
+/- 30kV @ 3 Inch (Accuracy: +/-20%)
Resolution 100 Volts
Indication2 Digit LCD Display
Test actuationPress TO read
Power supply9 Volt Battery
Battery StatusBy Dual color LED.
Dimensions135 x 70 x 25 mm
Weight150 Gms
CalibrationRecommended every 12 months
Warranty12 Months
AccessoriesCarry case.