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Digital Earth Resistance Tester

Electronic Digital Earth Resistance Tester is direct replacement of the conventional hand generator type tester. It is designed for measurement of the resistance of earthing used in the electrical equipment as well as for measurement of ground Resistivity. It can also be used for measurement of the other low regular and liquid resistances.

This is powered by rechargeable NiCd cells, A LCD low battery indication appears when its battery goes down, which can be recharged by connecting to mains AC supply through charging lead provided with the instrument.

Application: This instrument finds wide application for testing earthing installations in power based industries, telecommunication networks and electrical traction systems, etc.

Caution: Since the instrument supply AC voltage to the test object, it should kept in mind that object having no reactance can only be tested.

Resistance Range: Ohm (reading can be taken up to 19.90 Ohm) and Ohm (reading can be taken up to 1990 Ohm).

Typical Values of Earth Resistivity (In Ohm Meter)

General Average100
Sea Water0.01 1.0
Swampy Ground10 100
Dry Earth1000
Pure Slate10^7
Stand Stone10^8

Accessories: Charging Lead & Carry Case.