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Corrugated Conductive Sheet Boxes

Developed from extruded corrugated plastic sheets which are durable, light-weight and inexpensive. They can be custom-made within a short lead-time. To further enhance the usability, distinct properties of our corrugated boxes differ. Based on your requirements, our experienced sales engineers will assist you in selecting the most feasible design for the corrugated and conducted sheet / boxes.

Features Corrugated & Conductive Sheet / Boxes are specified below:

  • Available in different grades, viz. normal, antistatic and conductive
  • Material thickness variable.
  • Resistance to water and grease.
  • Ideal for transportation.
  • Light-Weight and easy to handle.
  • Tough and durable.
  • Electrical property of conductive corrugated board differs according to need and purpose.
  • Physical property of conductive corrugated board is approx. 4mm.