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Static Elimination

Flawlessly designed to neutralize floating static charges on insulated and isolated objects, our air ionization control products are worth for their distinguished features, which popularize them in national as well as international markets. Our super grade air ionization control products are made using quality raw materials and are designed with precision and attention to provide the clients maximum satisfaction. We offer ionizing gun, horizontal ionizing air blower etc.

One of the leading manufacturer of complete line of Corona treating system, Static eliminator, Induction cap sealing machine, Ozone Generator and Static Charger. We have installed more than 10,000 equipment worldwide giving solution to different static problem Static eliminators are used to eliminate static and dust. Static electricity is a problem, which companies face globally. It primarily affects industries, which handle non conductive materials like plastics, paper, board, laminates and textiles. The electrostatic attraction repulsion cause materials to stick to machinery, or to each other, leading to jams, slow machine speed and poor quality and productivity. Friction, pressure and separation are the major causes of static electricity. When humidity is lower, higher static charges are generated. It becomes more noticeable in the months of winter, in dry laminates, and in air conditioned environments.

  • Air Driven Static Eliminator
  • Compressed Static Air Gun
  • Static Web Cleaner
  • Circular Static Eliminator Electrode
  • Static Charger